Christian - They Will Come Soon for the Children; Speak Up!

Laws are being crafted right now which will, if passed, demand the removal of children who have only known the United States as their home - forcing them to be relocated.

Kids who are legally your neighbor today, will very soon be pulled out of their homes and placed on flights and buses to countries of which they have never consciously known.

These children are currently legally here per actions of former President Obama which has not yet been rescinded. Today, they are allowed to be here. Tomorrow - they may not be. These kids are, in a very real way, some of the most vulnerable of our society.

The Christian community must speak up now in order to craft a future where we won't be forced to break the law of the land in order to be obedient to the command of Christ to love our neighbor, specifically the lost, poor, broken and oppressed. There is still time, though it may be limited, to advocate for our legislators to speak out on behalf of these children.

If we are unsuccessful at maintaining laws which protect and provide for these kids, we will be faced with a new situation and with new questions to ask. Which is the greater command, "obey the laws of the land" or "love your neighbor"? Currently we can do both. If our government removes the protection currently covering these kids, you will have to choose which one you will uphold, because you can't do both.

If you claim the name of Christ, you have absolutely no excuse for not speaking up on behalf of these.

Regardless of your party affiliation - your opinion of President Trump - or your previous thoughts on the immigration discussion, if you claim the name of Christ you stand on a gospel that demands we love our neighbor. Advocating for the removal of DACA and/or these individuals can't be misconstrued as love. This shouldn't even be a question in the Christian community - as followers of Christ we speak up on behalf of others.

Join me.

Grace and peace.


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